I felt tired in recent months. I can't find the motivation to work so hard and deal such boring stuffs.
Without kid, property and vanity, I can afford myself very easily.
My vocal is going down; my body fat is going up. I seemed to lose the power to move forward.
This is the forth time I've been in Seattle. Omitting sleep and work, I almost spend my time the same here as in Taiwan this year.
And I'm lucky to visit here in different 4 seasons. Though it's turning cold in Autumn, it's the most beautiful seanson! Have you seen a tree with red to green (red/orange/yellow/green) leaves?
Then I found, I fall in love with her, in this mid-autumn. The Red is so natural and touches my heart.
The Maples, the Snow, the Cherry blossoms (Actually I like to say "Sakura" more), the Fall, the Lake. It's just like a the place I always dream to live in.

Maybe just because I don't have the right to stay with her forever, the desire becomes stronger and stronger. 
Because  I still have wishes, I keep struggling in this cruel world.

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